This is my first blog with Krafty Akorn.  I’ve had a blog before & well with inconsistancty, failed resolutions, and no real vision it was a total bomb.  It was as if I wanted to write, but didn’t want anyone to hear it.  I wanted to be on this journey of being an experienced “blogger” and making money at doing it.  I set unrealistic expectations.  Period.

But Krafty Akorn…. oh it has HEart!  I am prayerfully seeking God through this.  My main purpose here is to glorify God with all that I do, including my art.  I feel that the other social networks of today, Instagram & Facebook have too much instant gratification for me.  Don’t get me wrong here, I love them both!  And I love the power that Instagram & Facebook have to connect people.  But so many times, I post a picture of something I have created in my Bible, for a birthday or wedding, or through my personal art journey without telling the story!   And it needs to be told.

I am going to try my best to be transparent here.  Life is messy & so is art ~ let’s be real!

So I’ll be begin with this… I am a wife of 4+ years.  Recently I realized that never, ever, have we ever had anything that hangs above our bed.  I think partly because life gets busy & partly because I’ve never found anything that screamed “US”. I found this cool burlap canvas at Hobby Lobby and it sat in the dining room for a couple of weeks before I touched.  Chad’s wedding band is from James Avery.  In Hebrew it reads, ” My beloved is mine, and I am his…” from Song of Solomon 2:16. A perfect start for this canvas ~


One long weekend, lots and lots of layers, and little sleep and there it was ~ when i start with a vision sometimes i can’t sleep until its finished.




Through His love & grace, Jesus shows us redemption through relationships.  I am so very grateful for my husband each and every day!

Thank you for joining me here!  I hope to be sharing more art & stories with you in the future


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